Onyx and Titanium Comprise Many Jewelry Designs for Men

Jewelry for men is as diverse and fashionable as women's jewelry. Bold, daring, and yet somehow retaining a classic and often understated feel, men's jewelry is an excellent way to accessorize any ensemble. Many of the most modern and fashionable men's jewelry designs today are making use of black onyx and titanium, and diamonds are another common sight in today's men's jewelry.

For many men, black onyx is the perfect stone. It is quite bold, yet has a distinctly masculine appeal. Many rings and cufflinks make good use of the black onyx, and a number of quite fashionable pieces even include diamonds embedded within the stone. Onyx is also popular in men's bracelets and watches.

Titanium is a popular setting for a large amount of men's jewelry. Titanium is very hard and rugged and can withstand the wear and tear of manual labor. Many couples prefer titanium wedding bands both for this reason and because the strength of titanium is symbolic of the unbreakable bond that is formed when two lovers take the vow of eternal bliss.

While these two materials are certainly among the most popular in men's jewelry, however, there are a number of stones and materials that are popular. Sapphires are one of the most popular stones for men's jewelry. The color is widely appealing, and can be crafted into many pieces while still maintaining a masculine feel. Sapphire is a very common stone in men's jewelry.

Tungsten is a very popular setting for rings as well. True tungsten rings will not bend or scratch and are hypoallergenic. These rings are growing rapidly in popularity among leading designers, and there are many styles and designs available.

No matter what your tastes in jewelry, there are many men's designs available. Men's jewelry is quickly becoming the pinnacle of fashion once again. With so many rings and accessories to choose from, whether you are looking for a piece for yourself or for someone you love, you will find yourself easily able to find the perfect piece of men's jewelry.


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