My Short Shkirt

Are skirts invitations for excitations?

Could not be in my case.

For VDAY 2010 (Vagina Monologues produced by Crytsal Cavalier Productions), what more appropriate garment to represent feminism than a SKIRT: my first FEMINISM for the year.

I had mine in grey donagel wool. AND the twist to the garment? A button-on skirt detachable from a pair of smart shorts. Voila, there's the Identify magic!

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Flesh mechanic shirt & Donagel Shkirt - Yves Identify. (March 2010 RTW)

***Major congratulations to the Vagina Monologues VDAY 2010 mastermind Raymund Ordoño for putting up such a stellar staging of the Vaginas; the CAST who delivered and DELIVERED each kind of persona and moans to perfection ( I especially loved Kristine Villasin's monologues, the gay set and Eden's 1001 moans)

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Producer & director, Raymund Ordoño of Crystal Cavalier Productions, in white

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