Yvestyle's TOP 10 Women's Fall 2010 Collections

10. Gareth Pugh, Paris
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Gareth Pugh Fall-Winter 2010

Glazed neonprene-backed leathers, dark Art Deco and his signature A-line cut on the square silhouette all made for a sinuous set for his Fall outing. Gareth Pugh contributed full-on wearability to wearing “avant-garde” shapes but still retaining the drama and “strength” his clothes always exude.

9. Jill Stuart, New York
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Jill Stuart Fall-Winter 2010

She spanned decades of how to mix volumes. She spanned lengths to create a rock-&-roll shy edginess. The way to incorporate (or ease in to hiding) your body-con dresses to Fall? Layer with heavy menswear tailoring as per Jill Stuart’s polar-opposites mix.

8. Just Cavalli, Milan
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Just Cavalli Fall-Winter 2010

7. Reed Krakoff, New York

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Reed Krakoff Fall-Winter 2010

It's his first outing and I immediately fell for his narrow, long lines. Utilitarian sportswear was his mix for his debut collection. Outed pockets, luxurious fabrics used for simple everyday utility wear and the extra-sizing made me imagine this Hannah McGibbon's Chloe combined with New York sportswear street-style.

6. Burberry Prorsum, London
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BurberryProrsum Fall-Winter 2010

5. Chloe, Paris
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Chloe Fall-Winter 2010

4. Salvatore Ferragamo, Milan
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Salvatore Ferragamo Fall-Winter 2010

Salvatore Ferragamo chicly fell back to its aesthetic of Milanese luxe wear. Thanks to Massimiliano Giornetti for bringing the clothes to its roots. This meant a light interpretation of 70s Garbo, uber chic staples in outdoor-plush fabrics (suede, leather) and chic business-suit three-piecers designed to entice both the old and young.

3. Rag & Bone, New York
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Rag & Bone Fall Winter 2010

I’ve always liked Rag & Bone’s “strong” yet easy-to-carry Americana clothes. Full of attitude and stylized - one look consisted of at least 3 garments, still not counting accessories - their collection was presented as if it was the last. Each ensemble was stylized to look like what a traveler or hiker from UK would wear en route to the Himalayas. Made for the downtown customer, Fall’s most needed accessories could be found from this collection: backpacks, hiking boots, mittens, tweed scarves, etc.

2. Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter, Paris
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Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter 2010

Dries is the master of nonchalantly topping print with another. SS10 included ethnic prints all mashed up. For Fall, he “orderly” mixed formal or luxe wear with street essentials, using military garments, gold, sportswear material, classic menswear tailoring and retro shapes. This was a collection we (or women) can relax while wearing, no-fuss, believably chic and important.

1. Louis Vuitton, Paris
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Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2010

I have a penchant for the portrayal of housewives on TV.
For the past decade, “Desperate Housewives” has been the ONLY TV series I’ve watched religiously, the only TV series I’m well-run with & most proud of. If you have Gossip Girl to talk about aaalll the time, I have the 5 women to adore! “Mad Men” comes second

What fascinates me with these hausfraus are the class, the finesse, the soigné, the careful choice of words, their enunciation & pitch and the most important, the dress. So when Louis Vuitton’s FW 2010 collection made headlines online, I was dumbfounded. No other collection – EVER – has encapsulated the essence of the classic 50s woman in 30-plus looks! It didn’t fall short of cleavage and fullness. Pleated, box-pleated, full A-Line, leather or taffeta, LV’s skirts were the defining moment of fashion month. The 1 to 3 looks from other designers all made sense then.

As a designer, I have included skirts in all of my collections, the more bloomed the better. If I were a woman, I’d consider the A-Line skirt an essential in my wardrobe. For the real ones out there (who haven’t had one yet), better buy your skirts at the end of this post!

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