TOPS: The Off-Price Store

Do you want to get MORE out of branded clothing, but pay LESS for it?

TOPS, The Off-Price Store breaks the monotony of retail stores' placements in malls; it's placed in areas NOT readily identified to be retail outlets.

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In 2009 The Off-Price Storecreated the acronym TOPS and redesigned the logo to fit in with the ever-changing world of retail. We plan to keep up with the demand for fashion at prices everyone can afford. It is what we believe in.

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The world's most renowned and recognizable brand names in casual wear all convene; a dressing room to yourself; a cozy, casual, street/alley-inspired interior; an immediate staff to readily assist you; a place where you SPEND LESS without GETTING LESS.

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What's even more simply attractive about the pieces is its no-brainer wearability and comfort. DKNY hoodies, A&F jackets, AEROPOSTALE jeans; Denim pants in relaxed fits and sweatshirts all idela for the modern, mobile guy.

One should get the BASICS here; your outfit starters, your basic canvas - knit and cotton shirts, Polo shirts, cargo shorts (very functional indeed) and the SLEEPWEAR! Sleeping in off-priced Armani and Calvin Klein?  Why not!

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TOPS The Off-Price Store in Cebu is located at
G/F  I2 Building, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
with telephone number 
(032) 505.7796

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