Spring-Summer 2011:: Men's Contrast 3-Piecers

It's not big news that men can clash prints, but to mix and UN-MATCH them, especially for formal occasions, is an interesting new beat.

Plains. Brights. Patterned. Printed. Shocking or graphic. 
Give it your own angle. 

Custo Barcelona leads the pack with contemporary-fit staples in prints and treatments that hark back to the retro years with rave flavors. Duckie Brown gave relaxed suits and pants new life with bright threads and street styling. Paul Smith had the most interesting print in satin pants, to be paired with London-street casuals. Tommy Hilfigher surprisingly offered unforgivably bright plaid pants topped with Americana classics. 

G-Star, Agnes B and Canali gave more mileage to (evenign) khaki by pairing with tehri respective signatures: denim pants, shrunken blazer and Mediterranean hues. 

Make your evening relaxed and follow lead from the other soigne styles below.

images from: GQ.com

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