Channeling: Puakenikeni Paraglider

This "Let's Fly" BAG TAG from Bratpack is one of many graphically cool icons from their "REMIX" Program, which aims to boost the art scene and add value to Bratpack's products.

Check out and buy more amazing bag tags!

BRATPACK Ayala Center Cebu is the only Bratpack branch in the Visayas

Floral round cap: DC
Hibiscus print shirt: Prides Landing
Backpack: Jansport
Matte satin blazer: Edwin Alba
Knit sweatpants: Yves Identify
Tenderizer stud ring: Oxygen
Plastic cuff: Nel Claveria
Yarn-wound bracelet: Anthill Fabric Gallery
Shoes: DC

Thanks to Armand Alforque for shooting me

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