Buzzer Beater Realness

Should I complain that I've been ahead of schedule for most or ALL of my deadlines lately?

A buzzer beater one calls it in a game of basketball - shooting just right before the buzzer. 

I'm just grateful for my new sponsor apparel brands who have been supporting me to use their garments to style my REAL-PEOPLE clients, meaning not in magazine editorials and when they really MOVE in these clothes! 

Although I wish for a celebrity client soon, the new local Cebu personalities I'm styling lately is a new dimension in my styling prowess. I style them in REAL events in REAL mixing of clothes. And the feedback they get from people is fulfilling as a stylist.

On the other hand as a designer, my clients as of late have the realest figures and shapes in my years of work! Statistics exceeding 28-29 show that they need serious clothes - less frou frou and more concealing or improving. This is where I always apply my GRAPHIC aesthetic and some tromp l'oeil techniques in fabric blocking.

Speaking of "REAL", Real Cebu Television or RCTV contacted me to sit down with 
"Real Life" host Alexis Yap for an interview, exploring my Project Runway experience and a little bit of my life. 

Alexis asked for an advice for the aspiring designers and my keyword was MISTAKE.
Albert Einstein once said, "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." 
True isn't it? In my line of work, I design BOLD garments that include discreet but functional details for daily use. They always seem new to my over-30 year old clients but they do wonders. At least if there's an err or a dislike, I know what NOT to apply the next time. Success in creating effective clothing is never making the same mistake twice. 

I mused to Alexis that " if you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything". One should be a DOER; less talk, more action, less tweets, more results. Love the mistakes, let them define your legacy as an artist.

MAKE MISTEAKS  bag tag from 

Cap: DC
Blue tank top: U2 Clothing
Salmon tank top: Topman
Black nylon hooded raincoat: Jack & Jones
Digital wristwatch: G-Shock
Foulard shorts: Yves Identify
Dunks: Nike
Bag tag: Bratpack

Thanks to Armand Alforque for shooting me!

Here are the past few weeks in photos!

 My RCTV "Real Life" interview with the perky Alexis Yap. Chatting about my Project Runway experience and some personal stuff, boys and future plans. 

Wearing a SIMON+ plaid shirt. and Yves Identify embellished collar

That's CHERRI MILKYWAY (my Drag alter-ego) doing a clean Lady Gaga "Judas" look (thus the thorn crown) with "Born This Way" makeup: at the MOONY Concert in Cebu 2 years ago. 

At the Garbo Sa Sugbo awards / I styled Sugbo TV host Paulo Varela in a PHILLIP RODRIGUEZ Jusi barong and "Ang Damgu Ni Eleuteria" director Remton Zuasola in an EDWIN ALBA blazer and pants. 
That's his producer Beverly Tanedo beside him.

At my August bride's wedding day, Eden hosted the reception.
I styled her in this chartreuse jersey peplum bodycon dress from KARIMADON finished with these metallic accessories. NEL CLAVERIA plastic cuff and Rajo for Parisian heelless shoes.

That's Shervanna, my August bride in my wedding gown. Her maid-of-honor Dale in my rust jersey draped dress.
Jessie Glova behind the bride attaching the veil.

Chic shoutout to BOSSINI for being my latest sponsor!

At Remton Zuasols's upcoming film "P"'s presscon at the Marriott Hotel, Paulo Varela hosted the afternoon gathering in top to bottom BOSSINI. "You look sharp!", most of the people said to him that day.

The presscon for "P" at the Marriott Hotel, with (L-R) Cebuano talents Donna Gimeno, Eli Razo (in HANG TEN), Matteo Guideccelli, Angel Aquino and director Remton Zuasola (in HANG TEN pants)

*P is drama-musical film tangentially based on upcoming Cebuano saint PEDRO CALUNGSOD's life, to be shown next year. More on that film in an upcoming post.

Seguing to food news, CHATIME opened in Cebu - in EBloc Tower 2 in IT Park. 
In its first week of opening, my friends immediately rushed to taste what they had to offer. We already knew what we wanted and they were instant hits to us! JM's Choco Mousse, Joy's Nirvana and my ALL-TIME and EVERYWHERE fave, JASMINE GREEN TEA

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