Bloody Twenty Six + LifeDance Price-Off Party

Heaps of bloody love to all those who sent their well wishes for my 
26th birthday last November 19!

My birthday month opened with the flamboyance of 
QUEEN of Cebu 2012: A Pageant for Alternatives.
Spearheaded by one of the country's most celebrated designers, Cary Santiago and co-organized by Tessa Prieto-Valdes, this year featured a diverse crop of "alternative" beauties, from pint-sized ladies to voluptuous ones!

After my debut as a FUNWEAR designer for the pageant's pilot year, 2009, I've finally been invited back to create a funwear garment for a candidate this 2012!

I was assigned to design for Miss United Kingdom, Joyce Cabije. A pretty heavy beauty and calmy funny, Joyce had a va-va-voom figure that I was excited to design for! And much more it was UK, there was no better country to showcase my aesthetic & vision! In collaboration with Neil Felipp - he created this papier machet heart headpiece to give homage to the Queen of Hearts - we had this armor-like theme referring to England's Flight festival .

Here's my FUNWEAR creation for Miss United Kingdom.
Bravo to Joyce for being a sport donning this work of love!

QUEEN of Cebu 2012 as featured by Regine Velasquez in GMA's Hot TV.
Slight kilig when a snippet of my creation popped up!

My Halloween partner-in-crime and one of my BFFs, Aoi, instaframed these looks of ours from the past 2 Halloweens at VUDU, as a  birthday greeting.

During 2011, she imitated Ke$ha and I dubbed myself as "Lady Aguilar", a cross between the Philippines' Freddie Aguilar and Lady Gaga's road-walking look in her video, "You And I"

This year, we went from "Rough to Refined", channeling edgy artists to "reserved" personalities of the year. Aoi was inspired by Lana del Rey and I was couture-izing Kate Middleton, thus a sculptured peplum dress and elaborately embelllished headpiece by Mark Tenchavez of Shandar. Kris Baguio beautified me for that night.

In other birthday tidbits, 
Amongst my close-knit friends, BFF JM Yap is NOTORIOUS for giving the circle of friends a prank gift. He didn't let my birthday pass for this. He conspired with my folks about presenting an unwanted but nevertheless I-could-use-this-for-Instagram present. 

My father handed me this hologram paperbag (and that chic packaging to start with convinced me it was from them) and he had a short speech saying "Kuya, we saved up for this to give you tonight" and I slowly unravaled the box inside: an iPHONE 4s box!!!! 
The excited me hurriedly untaped the box, only to discover after a while, it just contained a girly pink toy cellphone - with AA batteries underneath to put more legit weight!!
Funnier thing, I was hopeful to dig the real iPHONE 4s under the batteries, but that was already THE gift. Sigh. LOL!!!

BFFs with Rockell (in long-haired Boho-chicness) in my post-birthday dinner (It wasn't my treat though haha) at Captain A's where we dug to its renowned BOODLE FIGHT dinner.
Thanks Rockell for the MANGO cake from Bebong's!

Here's a look dedicated to bracing my mid-20s life!

Forest green long-sleeved shirt: Hang Ten
Cotton camo jacket: thrifted
Tinted sunglassses: Oakley
Acetate backpack: Gifts Unlimited
Denim shorts: Hang Ten
Peach shorts (under denim shorts): thrifted
High-cut dunks: Nike

Shot by Yuno B.

Here's one helluva news for party animals out there!!!

The SINULOG festival in Cebu City just got better (and this will be phenom) because of 
LIFEDANCE 2013! The sequel to May 2012's debut promises to be bigger and 
more epic this January 18, 2013! 
It takes on a Circus theme and knowing the DJ lineup is just as exciting as to what to wear for this upcoming pandemonium!!!

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