B2B: Back To Bantayan

I was going to get back to Panglao after that semi-spontaneous trip early February but most friends had no clear mind whether to go or not. Stressful updating couples on their yeses or nays - much more excruciating there's NO EFFIN COMMUNICATION! 

WTH,  shoving off the bad vibes the SINGLE me wanted to pare down on parties and crowds and hotties and just spend time on the beach with wonderful people. And on the last minute last Thursday, I just surprised Aoi with our rendezvous LOL! 

I wanted to check back on Bantayan Island after 2 years partying and getting wild in Boracay. And there we were, 3 of us - Aoi and Armand "Arlene" Alforque  (one of my OFP lensmen) also snapping up on a Bantayan decision hours before the last bus trip.

I found myself reunited with "Queen Bee" Armand and the whole amazingly fun and no-dull-moment BLANC online magazine team - esp. on the Bantayan beaches! Circa 2010 we were young souls hungry for some of these sand revelries. 

*BLANC's Art Director Nicky Roa and Yuno Bastareche took these amazing photos of us in the island, 
except for my selfies and other non-DSLR quality photos :)

Hues mimicking the Bantayan shore

Morning dunes in Sugar Beach

Aoi and Armand

 Our dalaga, Tatz Agustin. BLANC's beauty expert

Different hats for the beach brats

Begginer's luck: I won 1 game of this Monopoly card game after Yuno's tutelage 
for many times! LOL

Non-branded white flat-bill cap & new frogskin shades, H&M peach tanktop 
and earrings from J Centre Mall

Matt Aesthetic, BLANC's EIC Josei Cuizon and Yoanna "Roma Rewop" 

Still desperate for some Wi-fi Lol


Lyle T Littlebuck, Rockell and Roma

BLANC's Art Director, Nicky Roa 
took these wonderful photos of us in Bantayan Island

My associate stylist for my projects, Rockell; also one of BLANC's great minds

Matt Aesthetic! Photos of me by him real soon!

My co-beachcomber Aoi

Bantayan 2013 via IG

Coco Cabana ANCHOR Trunks

BLANC Photographer @yunoboss and Queen 2012 runner-up Alison Santina

Shying from the baking sun at 5PM

Aside from Rita Ora's  "Radioactive", Damian Marley & Skrillex's "Make It Bun Dem", Havana brown's "Big Banana"and The Saturdays' "What About Us?" here's a song that's on top of my summer 2013 playlist!

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