Invading Space:: IAU's Electrospace Spectrum!

The country's largest aerospace institute, INDIANA AEROSPACE UNIVERSITY, held its biggest and grandest affiliation party - ELECTROSPACE SPECTRUM 2013 last July 27, 2013 at the IAU Town Center open grounds.

The event's director Junjie Ignacio (3rd from L), Aoi, Rabsin dela Cruz, Dominic Sy, ME licking the lollies, 
Eden Villarba, Cedric Lucero, Mark Monta and Elger

I and together with a few "new media" bloggers were invited to witness AND PARTY with the university's students! Taking cue from one of the most notable massive global electronic music festivals, Belgium's Tomorrowland, ELECTROSPACE SPECTRUM 2013 takes on a fresh and funky perspective to kick-off the academic year with a blast - a visual and auditory feast for a whooping 1,500 estimated Aerospacers attendees.

Food was catered by RED CARPET catering services and I couldn't help but had 2 plates!
Students shared their varied talents in a segment leading to the DJs lineup by midnight.

Dorm boys dance to Psy's "Gentleman"; stripping off to their gentleman-ness before all of us! That was fun LOL

The 'Stars of the Night" receiving gifts from Kandaya Fitness.
ELECTROSPACE SPECTRUM 2013 featured smashing performances by Cebu's very own DJ's: DJ Polky Yu (Barcode), DJ Gio Visitacion (The Penthouse) and DJ Cathy Muto (The Penthouse) and will be hosted by Paulo Walker. Aside from eargasmic electro music performances, 3D visual effects took centerstage on a huge LED wall on-stage along with fireworks displays and confetti showers adding-up to the night's hype. Official sounds and lights by SoundBalloon Entertainment Technology Professionals.

 DJ Cathy Muto

ELECTROSPACE SPECTRUM 2013 was made possible thru the efforts Indiana Aerospace University's Supreme Student Council A.Y. 2013-2014 and is brought to you in part by Kandaya Fitness. Media Partners: Cebu Daily News Event direction by Junjie Saavedra-Ignacio.

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