Exceptional Seafood Dishes at Oyster Bay

 I am a major foodie beneath all this fashion musings.
If you give appetite a nickname it would be Y-V-E-S! 
My Instagram is a plethora of, if not OOTDs and BTSs, food porn and unique foods 
I encounter along the way.

At Mandaue City there sits a beautifully lit restaurant with aquariums outside and a chic landscape as if you're
at the beach somewhere in Southeast Asia. Phuket or Bangkok? No. Our own Cebuano palates will be treated to such world-class seafood cuisine offered at OYSTER BAY.

Already cozy with the laidback wooden furniture and surroundings, I got giddy right away just by looking the appetizers served right away.Pleasantly arranged, the appetizers were ready for the taking. Waiting to burst in your  mouth - especially these personal faves.

Bicol Express rolls

Pork Sisig pouches

These sisig pouches are like "pintsik" or fried siomai. Only better and exciting - with pops of the liver together with the crunch of the wrap!

Palabok Bites

Imagine this all-time favorite sliding in your mouth in one gulp! 
Just a hint of that sour taste, not at all cloying your appetite.

Baked Oysters with cheese & garlic

I always get to eat these baked goodness every before meal outside home. Mollusks are an exemption. These are aphrodisiacs alright - got me feeling "drunk" and that heated emotion LOL

Baked Diwal

 Adobo bamboo rice, my favorite.

(T-B)Laing bamboo rice, Sisig bamboo rice, Adobo bamboo rice
Bagoong bamboo rice, Chorizo bamboo rice

You can see and definitely TASTE the distinctions of each kind by way of the vital ingredients garnished and downsized for these generous proportions!

Taba Ng Talangka Pasta

Oyster Bay crab

The desserts will relax you after the hefty meals!

Trio Creme Brulee

Guinumis (gelatin drink)

This is a refreshing drink of gelatin and sago, sprinkled with pinipig and served with 
coconut milk and crushed ice.

Oyster Bay is located at BRIDGES TOWN SQUARE, Plaridel St. Alang-alang, Mandaue City. The restaurant can accommodate any special occasion, be it for intimate family gatherings; corporate meetings; or banquet for large groups of up to 180 persons. 

You can choose between dining al fresco in a beach ambiance complete with coconut trees, white sand, and a saltwater lagoon or in the comfort of an air-conditioned room with a view of the lagoon. Our air-conditioned room and function room can accommodate up to 80 persons. We also configure the room to fit smaller groups of 30-50 persons.

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