Resort 2015: Street-Ready Swimsuits

No bra? No Problem.

Your swimsuit already doubles as "mainwear"even if you're not at the beach or pool
-- it's ready for the streets! But are you?

If you're not gutsy enough to wear it as it is - ala Preen Line's bandeau - there's just one thing to 
remember when wearing this triangular piece. 

Lisa Marie Fernandez, Baja East and Rosetta Getty shows you can wrap over a robe or a silky overcoat where you can lounge in or cool down after workout. 

Fendi and (Nicolas Ghesquiere at) Louis Vuitton's sheer over layer keeps the sex appeal intact yet 
gets you going with city life.

One easy way to wear this is to top it with a jacket or shirt unbuttoned. 

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