In Between FOMO x DGAF

Superficial simplicity is just the denial of complexity, not its resolution. 

In between Fear Of Missing Out and Don't Give A Fuck, 
there's a recurring (stylized) normcore thread that mixes normal clothing with something "handmade"-looking ala the Yamamoto man.

Since December set afoot, I've finished listing my "Gifts List" for my family and a few friends.
To my family, I'd give my father a buttondown shirt, mom a handbag and my little sister a Forever 21 or Topshop sweater, but this year, a lil something from H&M since it's not available in Cebu. But i want a change-up - accessories perhaps?

Zalora's collection of watches make for great Christmas gifts especially for dad or mom. An accessory they can wear everyday to remember me by. Probably flats for my sister to continue her taste for cute classy footwear.

shot by Joezan Servando
via Nikon Photography

Felt fedora hat: H&M
Mixed-media crewneck sweater: Yves Camingue
White stretch cotton pants: thrifted
Mesh bag: Alexander Wang x H&M
Wristwatch: SM Accessories
Slip-ons: Adidas

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