Style Channeling: Ralph Lauren G.I. Jojo

Who braces the heat with a SATIN BOMBER JACKET?


We've always been successful wearing those clothes that could breathe you life from 9am till 5pm, till a nightout - DAY clothes you could still wear for night.

To turn tables around, I tested wearing something usually for NIGHT during DAY.

Pairing it with a lightweight cotton upper was breeze - made things LESS SCORCHING.

The key? Pulled-up sleeves, too. Still gives you that daywear casual mood.
keep everything else "day" with shorts & neutrals

And yet, another GREEN cover-up.

My (JoJo) cropped bomber jacket.

Brings images of Jojo's Baby It's You video, doesn't it?

GRID patterns are your alternative to summer stripes

Grid button-down: TWOPERCENT HOMME
Cuffed shorts: LAWMAN
bomber jacket: GRAND MIX
sling bag: AOLISI

runway shoutout!

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