2009-2010 Trends: REGAL SHOCKERS

It’s both a trick and a treat: TOPSHOP’s way of translating the season’s most overwhelming trends into alluring, buy-me-right-away pieces of retail. Whatever the trick is – it’s unforgivably appealing and tempting - both the young and old will surely have a share of the goodies the retail brand has to proffer.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The floraison of dainty & minute floral prints is as amusing as garish metallic-spangled dresses. What’s better to know is that these VINTAGE florals can be appealing on a miniskirt, a simple top, a dress or even a night clutch bag. They look youthful OR mature and are conducive both for day and night. Pair with plain companion pieces

Lace is always an unmatched option to look (and be) opulent. Whether covering your arms or decorating your dress, a French couture component indicates you’re up for an intimate time. Lace being more delicate and more detailed signals the youth and middle-aged to its wearability to less formal events.

Exposed lingerie is big news this season. Thus, a CORSETED dress (meaning a sculptured upper body) should headline your must-have list. This is an un-outlandish way of keeping up with this trend. It’s sexy in itself already so playing down on other layers and accessories should be key.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Blurs, slashes, swaths, strokes – suchlike methods of artistic ornamentation go extremely chic this pre-holiday season. Veer away from plains momentarily and try on some fully-printed matter. Visible front-runner US Vogue editor Anna Wintour is seen donning this on almost all her ensembles, as well as GG’s Blair and Vanessa in their metallic and bright-hued outfits respectively. This makes a good statement-maker and as a standalone trend, it works for ladies who call for some classicism and ease with a contemporary twist.

Before the night attacks, you don’t want to look like too tough nor too tender. Leggings have come a long way and its recent revival, the leather leggings, is your best bet this time around. They are a slim pair of tough chic, so you better have the upper body part filled with interest. Insert an art-print top and a knit cardigan to balance an outfit that could still be “touchable” and become street-friendly.

Photos: ROLAND ICBAN (rolandicban.multiply.com) & GLENN ALIVIO
Clothes: TOPSHOP

Styling & direction: YVES CAMINGUE

Model: JO ALBURO of M.A.C. (Models Association of Cebu)

Hair & Maquillage: GARI SON

Special Thanks To: GABRIEL PALMER

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