Smoky Eyes at Suriya

First weekend off of the year!

Eden gathered us to munch and literally prick on Korean goods (palate revival for the cuisine after a couple of months) at SU RI YA. This was my Korean cuisine experience that actually made me TOIL and cry a little bit, but I never complain on the SPICE these dishes uniquely have. The one at Ralph's Wines in Escario is a first-class resto, so maybe thus the already-cooked servings and napkins.

It was like Shabu-Shabu (the one in Parkmall), but with unusually-NOISY Koreans, and kitchen ambience consisting of off-white tiles reminding you of your comfort room, and black leatherette-covered long sofas that were weirdly high.

3.5 out of 5 Silver Spoons!

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Thank God there were (miniscule) potatoes and carrots

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A gazillion appetizers! Unsalted pot omelette and FLOWING pork fat coming down from the flat skillet to the FAT ABYSS.

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Smoky and teary eyes courtesy of the smoking pork bellies. The table arrangement? Probinsya-ish much

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First outfit hurrah for 2010! Channeling a Michael Bastian outfit:
Casual plaid shirt and denim pants under a formal blazer.
Yves Identify. Grey wool blazer
Uniqlo bow-legged skinny jeans
Madico brown plaid shirt
Diesel shoes

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TRAITOR DRINK of the night: MONIN (from Penthouse)
I might never drink this again. It's a pretty much depressing booze! Back to Mojitos.


  1. 培養健全孩子最好的方法是父母先成為健全的人。.........................

  2. oh i am a huge fan of Korean foods! hehe :)

    by the way, first thing caught my attention is that skinny jeans! i love the little detail on the side. plus your plaid shirt, i love. very chic look! :)

    looks like you guys had so much fun!



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