RETRO RECESS: Translating Fall's Trends in the Tropics

What should the female tropical habitant wear this holiday season?

Internationally, as Fall's trends point to pragmatic separates and sensible after0dusk clothes, one should heed the call for conservative and newer silhouettes.

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The skimpy and thigh-grazing body-con dresses and short pencil dresses loosen up & lengthen. For cocktail hours, it’s all grown-up; NARROW & LOOSE are the elements to wear. Dresses graze below the knee to help warm up.

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RED & 30s GLAM
Aside from gold being the season’s key color, RED should be the merry color one must wear. Although a generic holiday color, RED comes in uncompromising shapes on formal dresses, structured or draped. EASY & EFFORTLESS and least on embellishment should be opted. An easy neckline and fit shall help you thru a holiday party's "chores".

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This season, it's your chance to be zeroed in on the big style next year: RETRO LUXE. But for now, seventies styles and colors are the resources for Fall’s daywear. In the tropics, one should build it around classic outerwear, dress shirts and roomier pants. Colors in the family of oranges and browns are your guides to tread in retro style.

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The 50s wasp waists and circle skirts are no stranger to tropical weather. No tiered and layered skirts this time, just plain, pleated ones that gracefully swath with motion. The way to wear it “conservatively” is to pair a beautiful skirt with sleeved shirts (let’s move on from fitted tank tops); intricate details must add interest.

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Ladies, this is your last (color) hurrah! Shock discreetly. You are officially allowed to wear COLOR from HEAD to TOE. Minimalist pieces like a well-fitted dress shirt, a pencil skirt and a functional top coat should slot logically onto your wardrobe as for unexpected downpours.

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  1. black and red are my staples i love it!

  2. Love these looks, but especially the first one! That black dress is to die for, and that waist tie detail.




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