Spring-Summer 2011:: HONEYSUCKLE

In the Philippines, the brink of January already means THE new year.
Rains will stop, the sun comes up and is present the WHOLE DAY.
You would want to wear something that will look and feel great. Color does that easily to us.

This December, PANTONE announced HONEYSUCKLE as the "Color of 2011".

A cross between red and pink, it gives off a POSITIVE vibe - lovely, alluring yet playful and young; makes you want to be gregarious; steps you into 2011 with soigne and fragrance - a louche and unlviid color that looks amazing on your skin (probably ANY skin type). Similar to its medical role, this hue should "heal" the times of ebb.

Ive scoured the international SPRING 2011 collections (over 70) and plucked these appealing numbers in this fragrant hue.

To view the sample garments from the runways, I hope you take time and look them up at my Facebook account.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
image from: vogue.com

This garment from Nina Ricci Spring 2011
is a frothy, easy, romantic ticket in wearing this hue.

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