Motorcycle Emptiness

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2 No's have replied. 
A very relieving negative result. 
I've dressed Mandaue City prominent figures.
My "Goma Bella" collection already available.
A photo exhibit collab with Joseph Ong.
Rekindling stained friendships.
Abstaining for a month (that's the longest, so far)
Staying in home with mom more often, caving in at Saturday nights, too. Not bigotry.
Dresses for holiday weddings.
My ceiling cabinet collapsed one evening.
My clothes are hollering for a extension space. CSL
A floraison of plans for the "fall" season....

Where's the emptiness? Nah, just a Manic Street Preachers song I like hearing.

Burgundy's the key color for the fall season. Wearing it clean & tailored or edgy & street makes any outfit warp into a scholastic-majestic mood. Transitiong here with sweatpants and "sleepwear" essentials like the long cardigan.

Eggshell shirt: GIORDANO
Black cardigan: ESPRIT
Tattered jacket: MASTINA
Sweatpants: JOCKEY
Clutchbag: COACH

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