410-RIBS: CASA VERDE Launches Delivery Service & Website

All of your Casa Verde favorites are now just a phone call away!

Cebuano foodies can expect a lot of exciting surprises this 2012 as Casa Verde launches their new website and delivery service. You don’t have to brave the crowds or battle traffic every time you’re craving for some of Brian’s Ribs, mouthwatering steaks, sumptuous pasta and sinful desserts - grab them anytime, anywhere!

Brian's Ribs (this is my parents' favorite!)

“We want to take the dining experience to the next level and make it more convenient for our customers to enjoy any of their Casa Verde favorites whenever and wherever,” says General Manager Brian Noel, of whom the all-time bestselling ribs are named after. “We understand that with the high level of foot traffic at our three branches, it’s quite hard to get a table sometimes. Now, diners can get their fix of Ribs, Steak, Burgers and more at the comfort of their own homes or even at the office. All they need to do is go online, choose from the menu and dial 410 - RIBS”.

 Best Sampler

I brought home this Raffitas combo to my mom 
and she was a MAJOR FAN ever since! She orders this every. single. time.

Established in 2002, Casa Verde is a local chain of family-owned restaurants in Cebu City. Spanish for ‘green house’, Casa Verde’s name was influenced by the owners’ Spanish r
oots and the color of the Ramos Branch, which used to be one of the family’s ancestral homes. After almost a decade and three branches later, Casa Verde has grown into one of Cebu’s ultimate dining destinations.

 Casa Verde in Ayala Terraces

The gate at Casa Verde's Ramos branch

This year, Casa Verde also shines the spotlight on some of their newer food items especially the Big Bang Burger. This 9-inch whopper of a burger is topped with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, American cheese on a massive sesame-seed bun and served in a wooden chopping board. The Big Bang is best paired with the Milky Way, the biggest chocolate milkshake in town! For a meal this size, sharing is recommended. 

The Milky Way and Big Bang Burger

I don't eat dessert that much often now (tonsilitisphobia LOL), but 
Casa Verde's DESSERTS are just irresisitible!

Lauren's Lava

Bliss Berry

The next time you’re in the mood for some good food, head on down to the Casa Verde branch nearest you! For more info, visit www.casaverdecebu.com or contact +63 32 2536472 (Ramos), +63 32 4123336 (I.T. Park) and +63 32 2338885 (The Terraces)


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