Behind The Runway: PROJECT RUNWAY PHILIPPINES Media Launch

 Co-takawera and Madam producer Ionica. Hongbusy!

JumeJejemon Chic na naman ako! ROFL

 Model ZANDRA in our collab pose for the "Midnight In Mexico" look LOL

That ORANGE PARKA actually had 2 pieces inside it: 
a trafficstopper PINK rectangle skirt 
& a trapeze caftan.

I originally has a collared shirt and shorts to match the outerwar but I had no time to tailor during the 1st challenge!

Space driver & Omotesando lifeguard
I even joked to myself this lifevest of a raincoat is 
Channeling: Samurai Lifeguard

Notice how many references I have in 1 garment? That's always my dilemma in deducting to a  final look!

About to view the PILOT episode

 Lipcolor battle!

Umeemote pa rin kahit wala sa runway! LOL

Thanks to IONICA for the following pics!

It was a special night. 
More special the hours after.

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