EGGziting Boracay Day 3: LMFAO's Birthday

12mn: We welcomed JM's birthday with a booze session by the beach;
 just good and funny talk and pails of beer.

Jad calls early in the morning to let us get set for JM's REAL surprise birthday welcome. 
This lil devil woke me up and since the hangover was replenished, we were in a exercise spree.

Early birds stretching!
(3 of 50+ stretch routines)

Warming up!!!

Swarming to their hotel room needed silence and strength to break the eggs - I broke mine by smashing it to the table and HAND-SPLASHED the egg yolk to JM's face LOL

Whoever cleaned my mess in the table and dining chairs, thanks much!!

Egg smashed & cracked, waterguns, face paint, confetti, party poppers:: 
we gave it all to him!

All-MESSED-UP Birthday boy!!!

Everyone gave their birthday GREETINGS, love musings and an "awkward" message but HEARTWARMING message from me

Giving good love to this one helluva dancefloor hunk!
Far East Movement + LMFAO in one package!

Back to good. uuyyy!

Sipping in from our c**k straws LOL

Already hungry for some LUNCH

Photos by Yuno B and yours truly

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