Yvescent: Enter The FERRARI Legend

Their performance, their technological daring and their inimitable streamlined design captivate their supporters, whose hearts beat faster each time they see the legendary 
Scuderia Ferrari Team. 

For those supporters whose passion extends into their daily lives, Scuderia Ferrari Red and Scuderia Ferrari Black, classic fragrances stamped with the yellow Racing Shield, have long been unmistakable fragrant reminders of the strong and winning attitude of Ferrari.

Today, Scuderia Ferrari Fragrances are the promise of a new experience: to be unique enduring legend through new interpretations of the original perfumes. Two original creations, two highly individual members of the same team paying tribute to their famous elders – uninhibitedly youthful, totally modern and eminently masculine.

Light, curves, angles, reflections… in the same spirit of innovation, excellence and athletic attitude inherited from the charismatic Ferrari style, the strongly masculine bottles have been brilliantly rejuvenated, lacquered in contemporary translucent colours: a high impact scarlet for RACING RED and a dark mystery for BLACK SIGNATURE, iconic colours echoed in the lacquered cylindrical stoppers. Both boxes display the Ferrari Racing Shield, their names in yellow and silver and silver and red respectively, for an ultimate touch of elegance.



The explosive start, a Caïpirinha cocktail flecked with gleams of grey pepper and South American artemisia, is overtaken by a shining metallic heart of gold and silver, an “electrum” accord carrying the transparent notes of clary sage and lavender. 
Powering into a smooth trajectory through cedar, tonka bean and leather, 
the fragrance finishes with a lingering dry-down, sensual, modern and unforgettable.


After an elegant and sparkling getaway of fizzy grapefruit, green apple and star anise, the senses are captivated by a smooth, masculine heart note of nutmeg, cashmere and leather, bathing in the striking contrast of Mediterranean freshness and light. Deep and powerful, the dry-down expands into the warm, elegant sensuality of energetic vetiver and cedarwood, softened by musk and radiating self-assured masculinity.

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