LEE Jeans Celebrates 125 Years of Craftsmanship in Sinulog!

Everyone is challenged to think way out of the box and explore the endless possibilities that their curious minds can bring them. Curiosity breaks boundaries, and can even take you places. Which is the reason why Lee is heading to Cebu to take part in the grand Sinulog festivities.

The LEE DIY Denim Craftsmansip Workshop first made a buzz last October 16, 2013.
Works of Manila brand influencers were featured on display at the Lee Denim Exhibit during Philippine Fashion Week With the celebration of Sinulog and for being one of the key cities of the country, Cebu was chosen by LEE to host the second leg of the Lee DIY Denim Workshop.

LEE is curious as what Cebuanos can offer that they invited talented key influencers and provide their unique stylings to one of the LEE Originals., the Union-Alls. 2014 is the celebration of LEE's 125 years of craftsmanship and the brand joins the local festivities to mark the unwavering curiosity for denim inovation. LEE poses the challenge to local key influencers to reinvent the look of the classic LEE Original.

#LEEDIYCebu #LEEStayCurious 

Nina Saputil, Mixtress of Manila's clubbing scene provided the soundtrack for the event.

Web development manager DOYLE SEE took his digital works and placed it on clothing inspired by comin book artworks and old horror movie posters.

MIQUE YAPCHING is no beginner in producing innovative designs, having represented the country during the 2011 Star Creation Fashion Design Competition held in Singapore.

NICK AUTOMATIC's artistic vision earned him multiple awards, gathering his brand enough reputation as a sought-after lifestyle brand in the country as well as in Southeast Asia.

UZI EMPERADO found inspiration in heavy metal music and translates this artistry into 
graphic design and large-scale murals.

Celebrity stylist and contributing fashion editor ANDRE CHANG, was also tapped to provide his artistic flair for fashion to customize LEE's heritage product. 

OOTD wearng:
plaid cap: UNDRGRD
Sunglasses: Cartier
Team Sinulog 2014 shirt: Yvestyle
Gold blouse: Yves Camingue
Shorts: Yvestyle
Shoes: Nike

The influencers' work area

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