Yvestyle:: Team Sinulog 2014

I came back to Cebu very exhausted from Boracay 
- sandwiching the last 2 days of 2013 and first 3 days of 2014.

One dayful of rest was enough. The friends who I've been chilling and drinking in Food Ave. with have decided that we were gonna wear a groupie shirt for Sinulog, which was just 2 weeks away when I arrived.

I missed Photoshop so I just dabbled into some design studies for our shirt, primarily. 
I knew we were gonna pull a "varsity: theme for us "bardots", thus the layout below:

Of course who would be the first wearer? Queen Bardot herself Robinnie!
With Elger in the shop's fitting room.

with MAC model AR Duenas

Team Bardots at Alejandro's Sinulog party!

I also designed something for my BFFs for the festivities and especially for Lifedance 2014!
We wanted to do a 360 on the Sinulog shirt plus play up one famous hashtag in mocial media for the past weeks #PARAIBIGIN meaning "to be loved"

BFFs before Lifedance 2014

The face of SHERF! (reverse of 'fresh") Diosa Joy!

Jm yap in his KING V 2.o in the shirt during the revelries!

NOW here's the most unexpected part 
of that boring afternoon.
I dont know what dawned on me that i started AND finished designing such design below

I posted the shirt layout first and then people started to ask for tank top versions.

I woke up and slept with these on my Facebook app.

We posted these official photos - people in my Team Sinulog 2014 shirts - 
shot by Armand Alforque.

Shot by Armand Alforque
John Regner
Zen and Kathy of Stacys Exclusives
Kimuy and CP

Now take a look at the love from the TeamSinulog2014 wearers!

 Irka's you-cant-stop-me moments!

That rowdy STC contingent running on & off the street!

 The "STUNNERS" contingent from Manila!
thanks John Maunes and your whole gang!

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