Kiesza's new single AND video "No Enemiesz" inspires this birthday post with dance moves barking back to the 90s rave era and a song that just all good vibes and submitting to happiness!

"Don't stop me just give me more
You're what I want for sure
Don't stop I just want you more
Babe you are my only cure
Don't stop until I make you mine
You can take all my time
Don't stop I feel so alive
Baby you blow my mind"

Read more: Kiesza - No Enemiesz Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

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Shot by Joezan Servando

5-Panel Cap: Element
T-Shirt: HBA
Wristwatch: SM Men's Accessories
Pique & leather shorts: Yves Camingue
Leggings: Alexander Wang x H&M
Track shoes: Nike

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