Yvestyle Women''s Spring 2015 Trend: LUXE PAUPER

Hems trailed threads, sleeves roomy and fraying, scraps patched on top layers, seams bursting out - 
clothes seemed to have been dug up and reworn with these weirdly charming fragments. There was a pluck of rich and poor. The bourgoisie takes center stage.

The term "luxe pauperism" got coined at the Milan shows when these imperfections were spotted - easy unpretentious clothes in luxe fabrications. The impromptu look of the clothes breaks down to elements like tactile textures, organic materials and raw hems. 

Sportmax waves the flag of using these elements into full luxe-bourgoise effect with materials such as jute, jersey raffia and canvas worn with leather and matte satin separates.

 Sportmax Spring/Summer 2015

As though Alber Elbaz hasn't done this treatment yet, he serves up a few looks with, not just one layer, but three layers of frayed-edge fabrics in different sheer levels to produce hi signature elegant slouch feel.

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2015

Prada savages "beautiful" brocade. An unusual material for the sunny weather but she takes scraps of different patterns and mends them yet having a light, frail effect ala raffia loosing its ends. A twist she only knows how to pull AND sell.

Prada Spring/Summer 2015

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