Stomp with GOLD DOT Cebu's JUNE designs


From a male's/stylist's POV, I judge a shoe by looking at its:
1.) Profile - side, to check its height and walk/headturning appeal
2.) Heels - style and height (if it's at least 4, then it's good to go!)
and if I get lucky to fit them in a humongous size 10, 3.)  PRESENCE - its comfort, sole thickness, walk weight and overall "presence".

Yvestyle shares to you GOLD DOT Cebu's JUNE designs; checking all those 3 qualities rapidly!

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(right foot inner view)

Wood you?
Creme. Wood. Brown. Chic and very luxe.
Interesting detail via the tongue.

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CHARM Wedges

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Mishmash and I adore!
Can you (care to) decipher the inspirations? The Great Gatsby, 20s, University, 60s mod, bohemia. Whatever they are, this is a versatile piece that goes well with various hem lengths.

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The RUST hue naturally gives this pair a potential to be worn a casually elegant retro-inspired look; say, an ankle-length wideleg or sarouel pants and a silk-chiffon boatneck caftan or blousson?

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These come with a detachable buckled jacket to ante up this shoe's sex appeal.
Polished sexy meets Western edgy yeah?
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