Styling ANGKORIAN AETHER by Oj Hofer

My 2nd day in Manila was dedicated to Oj Hofer and 
putting altogether his Holiday collection at Fashion Watch 2011.

How was I going to dress for that? "Decked up" Oj tweeted once. LOL. 
(Outfit post after this one)

I arrived. Fresh. Spicily fresh via my top and surfacing thru the early Makati traffic.
Oj jokingly remarked "Oh, hayan na stylist ko, mas bongga pa sa designer" I chuckled.

And then I went straight to my raison-d^etre in going there.

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I arranged the garments according to the menu's order; that's by color and hue.

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Model Marita checking her garments.

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We reshuffled and reshuffled the girls to best match the length and proportion of the looks.
Rechecking and rechecking the shoes to pair with and readjusting some sizes (temporarily) to fit their size 0.5s. 

DEVATAS and APSARAS, in spice-inspired colors, alternately sashaying the floor runway. 

The first song of the soundtrack (Delerium's "Terra Firma") I recommended to Oj actually helped SET THE MOOD of the Cambodian ambiance! Bravo!

Here are key looks from the collection

Starting with browns and "devata" blues, greens and grading to sunset hues

Key pieces included: D Suits (bodysuits with sleeved shaped into a "D' to hug the arms more), Billowy pants in silk-cotton belnd (those aren't palazzos), wool outerwear, infinity pleating, cowled necks and hammered brass accents (c/o Noreen Tseng-Fernandez)

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The leather jacket on the left featured a ONE-EAR knot Oj taught me 5-counts.
The cowls on these D-Suits were wide and exaggerated so one could nonchalantly arrange them however around the neck. 

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Pointed flats by Monica Fig  helped us introduce an alternative proportion of "long and low": long dress lengths and low footwear.
Grace Tagle, especially, sashayed gracefully in  this dimpled wool number - she makes it very light yes? 

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The cumin orange center look is actually comprised of a D-Suit AND billowy pants.

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Sono onorato di essere parte di questo!


  1. i love this collection! ♥♥And I see some of my favorite models!

  2. Lovely collection and nice blog! ;)




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