I'm inspired by WSOP last year's winner, Pius Heinz who won at least $8.7 million and garnered a sponsorship from PokerStars. 

If I'm gonna take a bigrisk and earn some money, I would go to a casino and play Texas Holdem 'til dawn.

Of course not everybody could bluff and try to achieve a poker face, so I
will  google some poker strategy that I could use in order to win big.

I’m risking some things for a better gain.

I’m skipping afternoon coffee or very late lunches for yoga and some religious gym time. More “sporty” clothes in lieu of my mashed up summer wear to be in fitness form.

Who would not be inspired when you’re surrounded by guys who have been to the rodeo! The flexing, the biceps, the twink ones in the same drive as me: they are INSPIRATION, not competition. In fairness, this has helped me go home early and eat more 
(yes, more than my already non-fattening appetite).

I haven't been ebullient in the weekend-party scene, except for the last beach parties - last Saturday’s Summer Hangover AND Beach Break, where I took in almost every kind of drink there was (I love Mango Liquer!). Overrested and pretty much beauty resting, I’m sleeping more and catching up with 2 Broke Girls and Desperate Housewives (finally halfway season 8). More more more!

Also huge fan of the series, Jad and JM, a couple close to my heart who are 2 the 
best poker players I know, has helped me in life gambles; Wisdom and white cheats, replacing my cup of exasperations with determine-what-you-wants and get-over-this-and-that’s. Jad, being a very powerful Libran, is nonchalantly stern about this and Eden’s drunken rants during my elimination night in PRP3 are working! Avas lang sa Yasapboi LOL

Constricting my one hand to put things in balance, the priorities and more styling techniques. Fiercer hands on the other to take care of bigger fish to fry.


Our reunion for PROJECT RUNWAY PHILIPPINES is coming up and 
I don’t want to be as stiff as a poker! I’m whisking my 11th hour magic again to have outfits ready for myself for these last moments on the runway – this should be memorable right? 
I would want to conclude in style and more chic blurting out about my experience. I’m in the tug of war of prints and patterns, I’ve had headaches and WTH, why not combine them. Of course, an injection of JEJEMON CHIC perhaps?

The agita for reminiscing is just building up! 
Enzo's BITCHESA moments, Jenno's mile-long intelligent inputs, Joseph's/Mama J's Meryl Streep soigne, Cheetah's avant-garde prowess, Amor's unapologetically funny TAGLISHisms and Glenn's explanations!!! ROFL!

See you back on the runway in weeks!

Ball cap: Gaisano Fiesta Mall
Scarf-print chiffon shirt: Valiant (thrifted)
Blazer: Yves Identify
Blue skinny jeans: People Are People
Patent brogues: Schu
Buckel ring: DIY
Silver nails: IWT

Thanks to Armand Alforque for shooting me!


  1. I love your blazer! :)

  2. You're such an inspiration! And your jawline is nothing but lovely! :D Wish we have etc at home so I can watch you on project runway... :D

    i added a link to your lifedance look "resort rave" to my blog. It was genius, i want more people to see it before lifedance...

    Tearaway Defunct



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