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I was walking (and have been) walking in a ONE-WAY street lately (lit. and fig.), 
balancing between despising or defining relationships more. Getting the best of me, Ive been skewing from a lot of things.

I was HELD-UP at knifepoint 3 weekends ago, under a bridge, by 2 high men, who were not that strong since they didn't get myAdidad backpack. Mobile phone snatched and some balance cash I got from a client for her order.

Maaan, it scared the daylights out of me: being in that "killing" moment was serious and having to scream and gather strength inside got me more stressed and EMOTIONAL. 
Thank God I survived that casual attack! This was the 3rd time. Call me lucky already. 

The past half-month have been filled with STYLING jobs! 

A Victorian-themed wedding video, a 3-part "Urban Tycoons"-themed PRENUP shoot, which I pulled out couture from Dexter Alazas and 
most especially Ronald Enrico (a 1st for me)
combined with urban-luxe casuals from Anthill Fabric Gallery.

A shoot for Anthill's ETHNO Summer 30-piece collection (casual separates in indigenous fabric), which took place at 29-degree BE Resorts. Imagine how I squeezed in those number in just 5-6 hours of catching the sun light! I didn't like most of the raw photos though.

A major Ayala fashion show for summer, entitled Summer Soiree, counted a whopping FIFTEEN major mall brands which I needed to style to showcase their summer collections, including Penshoppe, Oxygen, Chocolate (I'm in love with your "American Indian" collection!), Havaianas and lots of new footwear from Sperry, Keds and DC

I just put on board a new styling associate, Rockelle dela Merced, one of the Blanc Online Magazine "girls". Very eager and bubbly during all the shoots, he had initiative and really a grasp of whatever trends we have now! Amazing how you both SAY and DO the job.
 Thanks for your help gurl! 

Here's a shirt I've been psyched to wear and don all over the city!

TIPS  to wearing silk/foulard shirts: 

- WEAR it loose and partially buttoned
- Not fully tuck it as if it's a corporate shirt, it's casual so keeping it free is key
- Untuck it and let it FLY with the wind
- Wear it as it is or LAYER something underneath for more clashing opportunities
- Turn the tables by pairing it with something that's not too "European" or "streamlined", like my denim shorts, it's a "rugged" offset to the shirt's LUXE vacation feel.

Good days ahead!

Blue cotton tank top: U2
Ochre cotton shirt: thrifted
Foulard shirt: Valiant
Metal pipe necklace: Yves Identify
Denim shorts: Chevignon
Brown leather belt: Metro Ayala Dept. Store
Sling bag: Guess?
Jute-soled espadrilles: from Carcar, Cebu

Thanks to Yuno B for the photos


  1. I feel for you, Yves. Despising relationships, work specifically. I got help up on April Fools. At one point, I wished I just took the bullet.



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