What You CAN Wear: LIFEDANCE Cebu 2012 (Co-Ed)

The first-ever LIFEDANCE CEBU is happening in about 10 days! This is the start of an evolution you want to celebrate with fellow Cebuanos and other partyphiles around the continent and the world, dance away like there’s no tomorrow. IOW: you CAN NOT miss this party!

We have dress-to-kill club nights and low-profile I-don’t-want-people-to-notice-me booze sessions, but this? You have to look EFFORTLESSLY PHENOMENAL – in the flesh and much more in the photos. This will be HISTORY in the making. You want to look back months from now, “Oh dude, that was in Lifedance…and you kissed me after this shot!” or “Bitch please, you danced with that s**t who slipped her neon bras?? WAU?” LOL.

You shouldn’t be stressed out in finding the “right” outfit to wear. Your LIFE and the MUSIC will be the center of attention. But the statements you would want to pull off will help define this revolutionary event - garments that are within your reach and style consciousness. The witness is Cebu City, where resorts are our weekend getaways and recreation is treated the same way Italians spend time on their meals.

Leave the hippie vibe to Glastonbury, rock-indie to Coachella and Euro-style to Tomorrowland. Let’s build our own LIFEDANCE look

This is what I coin as: RESORT RAVE: 
a fashion orthodoxy that builds up from our laidback RESORT looks, injected with SPORTS references and jolts of DOWNTOWN-UPTOWN coolness.

Here are international runway looks that can serve as INSPIRATION or you can go the whole nine yards in interpreting these outfits
from head to toe!

  • If you decide to wear pants, have it in color – blue or red are your OK bets 
  • Nod to the classics with a bright-colored buttoned shirt
  • Consider colors-of-the-moment TANGELO or SPEARMINT if you want to relish the revelry feel 
  • Wear a bright, remarkably cool shirt. That way, you will be noticed immediately in the aftermath photos.
  • For girls, COLOR any small detail in your external anatomy: Lips, a small streak of colored liner, nails or even do something wacky with your lashes/eyebrows!

  • Flourish in FLOURO: this season is your chance to wear NEON: via a basic T/tank top.
  • If you opt for dark colors (midnight blue, black, dark grey), choose a jacket in leather, WAXED texture or nylon, yes as in the raincoat material.
  • Friends will find you easily once the “drunken climax” begins. 
  • Metallics. This is one surefire hit on the dancefloor! High-octane gilded or scaled ensembles worn by J.Lo in AI? Be in that wave but keep it low-key and less concert-y - no long sleeves and super body-con fits, just loose. 
  • MEWELRY: neon watches, braided bracelets or rubber bands. Pile them on or stack one color scheme. The varied the materials, the better!
  • CLASH prints: Stripes with tribal, zigzag with vintage prints, plaid with fruits, curlicues with carpet prints; the possibilities are endless! As long as they’re not in the same material (silk and silk will end up as pajama, which is apropos). 
  • Twist that “resort” look by wearing trucker caps (with mesh backs) and BALL CAPS, instead of fedora hats
  • Go the extra mile by adding accessory elements that are OOTW: plastic chains, Lego, toy pendants, cute printed backpacks (for extra clothes) or crazy headgear.

  • Built-In Bling: A basic TOP that's EMBELLISHED with just about anything will be your surest bet to dance all throughout and still stay stylish! Good for photos, too, as I said.
  • Looking “sporty” is one way to strengthen your “rave” look. Consider ones that are assured of easy movement: racer-back tank tops, sports jackets or even track shorts (they come in uber brights this season).  Pair these with unpredictable pieces.
  • Keep the fits relaxed and loose. Drawstrings and gartered waists will be easy.
  • Trust your SNEAKERS or High-tops to let you dance all night long. If you wear heels (at the first few hours, your soles will get tired for sure), have a platform or thick heel, or better yet, a boot-wedge. Have back-up flats. 


  1. WOOOOOOOTT!!! I LOVE THIS POST! thank you so much for posting this! Ive become more excited to expeirence lifedance! its gonna be my first outdoor dance party ever! this really helped! I hope to see u there and as well as eden! You guys are such a team!

  2. I'm sooo dead..ahahah see you at the party!



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