Channeling: Solola Trickskater

My whistle-stop tours in Manila for Project Runway Philippines always have the least sleep and looong nights. We just had our reunion and boy did I miss all of them! 
The Martini was so addicitively refreshing, I down 2-3 glasses and I got tipsy 
at the first minutes of our taping LOL!

Jenno's missing Cebu and until now, only goes to AND knows only 1 road route, from his apartment to Greenbelt, MJ is as holy funny as ever, Glenn's been always good and always the one takes time to make "Kumusta", Joseph "Momma J" is classy as usual and is the legit "DIVA"(thanks for the unique serving of post-dinner at Mandarin Hotel) and how's the "Loud Diva"? Enzo, or Aladdin/Muro-Ami/Valentina, was bitchesa as useless; recalling my Boracay "pakawala" with Karla and sharing our own fashion journeys and Twitter happenings. 

Primarily, I always make sure to have hearty and spicy meals with the boyf, fast catch-up chats with Manila friends and partying of course. The public run-ins with PRP3 viewer-fans who take a millisecond to say "Hi!" or take a photo with me are just awkward, but I'm getting the hang of it and beam a smile; knowing there are people who 
like and/or LOVE me for my animated TV self. 

After PROJECT RUNWAY PHILIPPINES ends on TV, well, life and career continue! 
Projects and tasks to accomplish every week! And a big leap real soon....

Pivotting, spinning only on the back wheels
Hippie jumping over a bar and landing on the board again
Slaloming  from one board to another

That's how SKATEBOARDERS deal with their game. 
I've always been so enamored by these casual road flyers - their swag, their get-ups and attitude! And moreso SPRING 2012 and incoming Spring 2013 looks have been inspired by their lifestyle, I climbed onto the plank and have myself some skating inspirations - both in fashion and life dealings. 

 Tricks may be applied, but it takes a FOCUSSED mind with concrete goals to deliver us to a milestone. My folks have finally approved of my big leap up North. 

We cannot learn without pain.
I said to them. A dream booking is waiting for me in the coming months 
and I'm stoked to be in every step of the way!

Here's my skateboarding-inspired look with Solola Guatemalan gentlemen in mind

Ball cap: Element
Onyx choker: Shandar @mark_shandar
Solarized aviators: Ray Ban
Embroidered "Guatemala" shirt: thrifted
Sheer shirt (as skirt): Yves Identify 
Linen shorts: FB68
Leggings: Terranova
Shoes: Ren Ben
Leather sling bag: Cote A Cote Paris
Bag charms: SM Accessories @SMAccessories
Brown leather bracelet: What A Girl Wants
Various bead accessories: Colon, Cebu

Thanks to Armand Alforque for shooting me!

Hello to my new followers!

Make sure to catch the last 3 weeks of
and follow the designing journey of the 4 finalists, Amor, Cheetah, Milka and Nel, 
as Jojie travels with them and see their inspiration! 
I'm just proud to be a Filipino (designer) seeing those different wonderful scenery!
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