Cool With A Bit Of Odd + Times Square Bazaar

How does it feel to be in New York at this time?

A hint of Spring's baseball trend with coverage for Winter - Filipinized 
(giving room for air and comfort).

Roomier shorts, roomier outerwear and a roomier self for dates and what-nots. 
It's all about preppy comfort for me this season. 
Laidback but not hipster.
Cool with a bit of odd - how I like my guys too. LOL

This is my first fashion nod to Spring 2013!

Leatherette cap: Team Ayaw Pugsa
Back cutaway hoodie: UDL
Dove blue dress shirt: G2000
Striped trainer shorts: Yves Identify
Tenderizer ring: Oxygen
Wristwatch: Casio
Shoes: Rajo! Milanos 


Speaking of New York, I got great fashion news to jumpstart your February!
A taste of absolute fashion and a glimpse of New York will be in the heart of the Metro! Make your dreams come true in the city that never sleeps. 
For fashionistas and shopping addicts, you can definitely shop ‘til you drop as De La Salle University's Business Management Society brings you the most awaited bazaar of this season, TIMES SQUARE FASHION BAZAAR!

Take a stroll at the fashion crossroads of the Big Apple. Enjoy a bazaar with over a hundred concessionaires. Get to witness a captivating fashion show as they present to you the latest Fashion Wars edition, FASHION WARS: LOVE AVENUE

Join this event on February 9 to 10, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday) at the SMX Convention Center Hall 4 from 12PM to 10PM. Come out of your ordinary life and bring yourself to the city of outrageous lights. 
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  1. you look so fab yves. Nice meeti g you at lifedance :) Whats your email add btw, :D



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