Yvestyle 2012 Fashion Milestones

2012 saw me as urban as ever through "trickskating" as I was mostly inspired by 
skater fashion and the Mediterranean . 

Skater style included putting on that baller/round cap (my 2012 addicition) for that instans swagger, wearing a long-sleeved shirt as a long-sleeved shirt - not folding the sleeves up but buttoning the cuff bands, some varsity inspirations and mixing sportswear with formal wear.

The Mediterranean inspiration  came from the PRINTS and lounge-ness of the garments. 
From foulard, baroque prints, scarf prints to Persian patterns and all-arpund Hawaiian florals, 
I was enamored in this tropical trend so much that I wore them right away last February!

Thanks heaps to DC, Bratpack, Regatta, Crocs
Simon+, Hang Ten, Crave More for 
helping me define my 2012 styles and 
to my photographers Eden, Yuno and Armand for shooting me!

9 - March 2012: Perspaxico
Released my Summer 2012 collection dubbed as "Perspaxico", 
a portmanteau of Persian and Mexican inspirations using foulard and indigenous materials for my "radical unusual" urbanite, via Sun.Star Live! 

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8 - October 2012: Trickskater
From ochres, blacks and Persian patterns to turning blue and neutral, leather and hologram for Holiday 2012.I called this collection "Trickskater" in reference and homage to my skateboarder-style channelings the whole year.

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7 - September 2012: First mag cover
My first ever magazine cover - online, at least. 
BLANC online magazine used my techno-wool white shite with satin shawl collar to "fashionize" Cebuano music nitabel Budoy in the cover of their Men's issue. 

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6 - November 2012: Miss UK Funwear
Designing for Queen of Cebu again. 
After designing for 2009's Miss Spain's funwear, I was glad that the Queen committee included me in the roster to create funwear for the 2012 candidates. Much more happy that I was assigned to Miss United Kingdom. I created my most challenging "avant-garde" garment yet. Concept-wise it took me around 5 revisions to finalize and 1 week to do all the labor. I wanted a very different one thus I used acetate and LED lights as accent. Sayang nga lang I could have TURN OFF THE LIGHTS pala para makita yung effect sa lights ko. Oh well, many lauded my creation as the best and most creative naman, so that's good enough. 

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5 - October 2012: Styling Rajo Laurel's Holiday 2012 Lookbook
Heaps of thanks to sir Rajo for entrusting me the vision and fashion direction of his Holiday 2012 collection, Hanami! This was one of the most hectic shoot I've been in aside from styling Ayala Center Cebu's first The Terraces ads last 2008. I styled over 70 individual garments, used over 30 pairs of shoes from SM Parisian and Milanos, accented with around 50 pieces of accessories and countless revisions of little styling skews to make each look fashion-worthy.

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3 - December 2012: First ever editorial in a major national glossy.
Cary Santiago curated 10 designers for a Preview magazine editorial that was to feature Cebuano designers. I was just over the moon when I was to create a look for this project!
I created 3 garments with an homage to Jimi Hendrix and the "print on pattern" trend. 
It made its glossy debut last December in Preview magazine's Dec-Jan issue. 

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4, 2, 1 - February - July 2012: Project Runway Philippines season 3
4. Created my 1st look for Project Runway dubbed as "Samurai Lifeguard" from the pattern to the hemming! The most arduous and stressful labor I've been in!

2. Meeting other 14 young, creative people from around Luzon and Visayas, meeting and being criticized by 3 of the industry's notable names that have very discriminating taste in clothes! 
MJ, Lhenvil, Amor, Karla, Mannie, Enzo, Nel, Milka, Fatima, Ionica, Glenn, Joseph, Jenno and Cheetah, the Project Runway life and experience wouldn't have been worthwhile and fun without your different personalities, aesthetics and hidden auras! LOL 

Tweetie, Rajo and Apples thanks for the sharp words you defined my creations, if not for them, I wouldn't have improved now! Even if there were no "positive" feedback, I appreciated more the negative ones since "good" and "nice" are boring, "provocative" and "different" are the groundbreakers!

1. Being chosen as one of the 15 designer hopefuls to showcase their skills and visions in Project Runway Philippines. I auditioned since the 1st season and the 3rd time, I finally got in! Persistence and vision are keys!

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Cheers to a more clientful and fashionable 2013!!!

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