LifeDance + Sinulog 2013 Style

Tomorrow night at LifeDance and on the weekend, you should be stylishly ready
be it rain or shine.

This is the opportunity to go wild, crazy, offbeat and your coolest as Sinulog style this 
year calls for your attitude to shine through!

Take your inspirations from my fashion ideas from the Spring 2013 collections!

Try these 4 things:

Throw on a SWEATER if it gets cold for you. A preppy sweater is cool, but try a loose one in sequins, in big crochet makes and interesting patterns!

The body part to show off? Your RIB-DRIFF (Ribs and Midriff)! 
Wear a tube top in a vivacious print, a bra top in leather and pair off with hotpants 
and sexy skirts, depending on your motives.

You still want to get covered but get some air - and some stares - amidst the scorching heat.
Wear PEEK-A-BOO. You get the best of both worlds!

Lastly, wear all-out BRIGHT & WILD, Read all out!
Sinulog has no fashion rules, as long as you are open to getting dirty and drenched in style and you express your personal style, then you're off to a massive, epic 2013 Sinulog shindig!

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