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By yvesmartini

Be (fashionably) simple & strong for 2009
Simply put: Let’s get minimal for this season. Last season’s in-the-woods gothic romantic
has switched gears to become a casual independent girl – same intrepid personality, but effortlessly chic & has a newfound unabashed persona. One who shall smoothly swagger with plain neutrals, simple statement dressing and not anymore the hippie explosion last summer.

How do you pull off such fashion oxymoron?
Lessen the prints. Have it relaxed. Pick the tailored ones. Exude an attitude.
The new femme statement is the tough and tomboyish, but also dangerous and sexy.
One who’s ready to storm all work and play.
One who’s not afraid to cross lines to retain their femininity in this season’s
less ultra-feminine looks and severe proportions.
If you want to look less hillbilly, more cosmopolitan, with this hard-edged look,
slip on biker jackets and denim vests, soft leather pencil skirts and shorts, army fatigue cotton, anything with brass studs and finish with lean, distressed jeans.
Ripped & stonewashed jeans are also tearing their way back.
Get ready to also wear (here we go) crop tops, loose sweatshirts and bold shouldered tops. Bandage-wrap dresses, sequin-festooned sheath dresses (those stopping at mid-calf),
anything mesh are also on their way to becoming pre-summer staples.
Last year’s hyper-printed hoodies? Not cute anymore.
The most coveted and versatile piece to invest this season is the roomy blazer.
Menswear for for women is now less of a trend, but really just more of a way of dressing. Designers cleverly dispensed gazillion ideas to dress-up WITH the office-associated basic.
The boyfriend blazer, as it is fondly called, is a sovereign cover-up
that would just look good with anyone.

Pick one (or have it tailored) that’s lightweight: in cotton or brushed twill, and roomy on the upper body part (the shrunken type just looks too office).
Roll or push up the sleeves during the day.
Wear something that’s embellished or light-hued for night.
Options of navy, khaki, grey, nude and double-breasted blazers are there
to strongly enhance and counteract any ultra-Blair look.
// 1001 ANTI-SKINNIES //
Will baggier be better? Skinnies are halting. Fancy bottoms are back in a new way.
It should take a brave pair of legs to give more leg space for away-from-the-skin shapes.
A caboodle of non-skinny silhouettes were on display: from the relax-fit to super-wide leg, parachute to cropped, and billowy to more odd shapes. More importantly, get in a pair of loose-legged blues. Keep the fit-versus-loose proportion rule always in mind though.

Give your legs a dare at crotchless pants too – the harem and the hammer.
Billowy at the upper part, and almost fit at the ankles,
these are chic options (especially for taller ones) for the weekend and any night out.
// ONESIES: Jumpsuits & Rompers //
Ready or not, the jumpsuit has, well, jumped back to the fashion parade.
Yes, those 70s all-in-one-top-and-trouser things. Unfortunate incarnations ala Studio 54 slinky jerseys and J.Lo denim overalls do not count. Although they’re not the world’s most flattering garment – rear ends enlarge, thighs puzzlingly expand –
this one-piece wonder is easy to wear (just one slip), sexy and hip.

Primarily worn as workwear way back in 1913, jumpsuits hold a versatile silhouette
and should take closet space this season.
Fit is everything; it should generously bag in almost all areas.
For undergarments, wear a thong to avoid revealing pantylines.
A jumpsuit is a statement in itself, piling up on accessories and heavy make-up will overdo it.
Wear the best of both worlds.
This season’s best colors to wear bring us energy and yet take us it to (chic) depression and calmness: ORANGE, BLUE, WHITE, GREY and NUDE.
Whether for night or day, for work or for play, these bright daylighters and dour drab washouters are surefire hits for sleek, statement dressing.
Wear a little bit of: JADE GREEN and PINK too, for separates and important closet staples.

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