Urban Chic at the RHIPSTOP Social

Cebu's own pride of urban (more specifically skater-inspired) wear brand RHIPSTOP celebrated stylishly in no less than the newly rehashed VUDU PRIVE.

Urban chic was the calling, and yeah we heard it right.
Mayan in a Mod-inspired dress and cinched with a red slammer.

Eden Villarba flaunted (& kept it tight) with a plaid pencil skirt and a creme blazer. Gladys in a timeless LBD. Mich in a simply chic bubbled dress number. Nicola in a mix of rogh&smooth with a velvet jumper over charmuse dress.

Bryle & I kept it cool in our hoodies, basic tees, and skinnies. I'm just echoing Urban geek ala Kanye for a "geek" change.
Cheers to Rhipstop & Vudu Prive for more urban sexiness in the city!


  1. tight and definitely one for the books! i'm now a follower of your blog. snaps for finally starting your own fashion blog!

  2. Z-snap atcha! start the anti-yudav movement!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey Yves :-) Thank you so much for featuring the Rhipstop Social at VUDU. Much appreciated dearie!

    Hope to see more of you and your fashionable set at VUDU where your fabulousness always fits right in.




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