2009 Day Style: STREET GRUNGE ala Rast

If there’s one label that will best exemplify a genuine American way of being nineties this season – grunge to be specific, it’d be debut house WILLIAM RAST, Justin Timberlake & Trace Ayala’s premiere collaboration that’s creatively directed by Johan and Marcella Lindeberg.

Premiered last September at New York fashion week, this “true American brand”, as Justin modestly puts it, has time to tell of their longevity. But with classics liked denim and sturdy jackets coming back, their burgeoning success won’t be of long wait.

A cross-country lass in the cosmopolitan who’s “tough and tomboyish, but also dangerous and sexy.” (Meenal Mistry), the William Rast girl poses a hard-edged look composed of dark semi-fit tees, denim vests, soft leather accessories, some sturdy cover-ups, denim lowers and (dare if you may) fringed leather boots or Docs.

KEY PIECES to wear:

1. Ripped denim shorts (the time-tested looking, the better)
2. Black or brown leather belts
3. Any dark-hued semi-fit to loose shirt (brown & grey would be best, black would be too goth)
4. Any dark button-up (layer it above as a cover-up) or long cardigan
5. Stonewashed vests (not the cotton pinstriped ones)
6. Ankle boots, or high-cut sneakers

Alexander Wang shorts

belted Duo Qing denim shorts
THEE staple lower, say goodbye to the Bermudas
Worrying when to where your LACE/TEXTURED STOCKINGS - again?
Under these grunge lovelies during the day. Ain't no getting tougher than that

Dark button-up (layer over tees as a 'cardigan') / The stud buttons hint on the trend; makes it wearable and stylish at the same time

Thigh-length extended cardigan / cardigan meets trench coat at that! Long but breezy, it's uncompromising

Grey soft denim vest

the faded-by-time effect, well literally, makes it truly grunge chic

Basic grey tee
Utility vest by Marithe Francois Girbaud
(my all-time best vest buy, 'equipped' with inside mesh pockets and mini-compartments)

If 2007 had the bolero, 2009 owns the biker jacket. This XELEMENT jacket is just the perfect one

XELEMENT Classic Braided Cruiser Ladies Motorcycle Jacket

OUTFIT ICING: Faux leather spike-studded wristbands


  1. so, this would be the new fashion trend for 09?!

  2. yup.
    One trend that is truly wearable, applicable and relevant - since we're going to back to pieces that really matter

  3. awww! love it yves..it's casual and very funky! i hope i can pull that look though.. hahaha.. sa pag search sa mga pieces.

  4. start by ripping your jeans!! the perishable ones of course, unless u wanna hurt the true labels.



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