January has finally set foot. And the soft-goth has run-away. Time for some sprucing up this pre-summer with my FIRST FOUR on the CLOTHES-TO-COVET list.
Most hard-to-find? Salvatorre Ferragamo's acid blue Derbys! Heaven help me find a steal in the mall!
To have tailored? Acid blue cuffed mid-thigh shorts by Neil Barrett. I've been into brown-hued shorts the 08 first quarter. Time for the skies to touch my thighs
Easy-to-DIY? John Bartlett's soft khaki shorts. Old slacks from dad? Cut them right off the thigh area. And short shorts in no time.

Give time to: searching for printed hibiscus sweaters or cardigans (ala Gucci). Too grandpa? Well, we're old enough to stylishly choose to be chic

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