2009 Men's Trend: SMART SHORTS

This time of the year,

MEN will have their share of leg power.

NOT ONLY women have their hot pants & skin-revaling sheer ensembles,
the boys have their mid-thigh shorts, or fondly more known as SMART shorts.

SMART shorts since they appear or MAKE you look smart, as though you're a KIDULT still being sent to school or university. As opposed to what "geeks" normally would wear,
these still looks sci-fi geeky, tongue-in-cheek cute and sheerly dandy.
Talk about WARDROBE MILEAGE in showing off
those thighs, breezing in thru summer, and pairing (and then treading in)
these casual wonders with various uppers.

Less cargo pockets and just having two side ones,
these bring minimalism and ease to a whole new level.
It's just amazing how few inches up could make a FRESH difference.

Like skinny jeans, you'll WANT these soon enough.

Take it from the twins at DSquared who showed "Harlem Hotness" with their urban-flavored styling for these shorts - slim, colored, less loose and basketball-esque.

Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton offered serene shorts paired with neutrals and simple breezy cover-ups (so relaxing they could bring you from outdoor to slumber time).

Raf Simons
also explained austerity but in more severe cuts and forms of these shorts,
closer to the thighs, in romper form to almost cycling-like.

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images from: men.style.com
LOOKBOKERS from around the world
Kenneth P., Georgia

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Marko W., Canada

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David Casavant, Atlanta

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Eugene, Phils.

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Yours truly

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  1. Well dressed men make me happy too. haha. Nice post! I like the Marc Jacobs look.

  2. super sharp. gotta love a post full of good-looking, well-dressed males! <3

  3. Your blog is so freakin awesome. If only I could get my boyfriend to browse around, he might pick up a few tips!

  4. This is an amazing post! Love the inspiration pics.. my fav is the outdoor look. You look great in your pic!

    xo, Becs

  5. >davidC: you gotta! much love...

  6. >Austere: i love the MJ look as well. Street chicest!

  7. Whoa! Awesome post. I love short shorts.
    Thank you so much for featuring me in it!

  8. Fab blog! You have a great eye for style.

  9. yeaah boys ,show us your legs !
    thanks for your comments, the french one is so cute !
    if you want to speak french, i'm the fashion teatcher you need ;)

    in french you are : "un adorable dandy exotique, avec un sens aigu de la mode "

    see you


  10. merci beaucoup!
    Je vais l'utiliser dans mon profil!
    Je vais vous citer à cet



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