Channeling: COFFEE MARINER + The "Summer" Soiree

At the SUMMER SOIREE, we were kind of semi-badly swayed. We whistled for the "best-dressed" awards. But not an "award" was handed on (since it was promised).
...since we were chicly-garbed amongst the
that the other invited shoppers wore. We were down in the mouth.
Frustrating ain't it?

One more frowning momento: "overflowing" margaritas from TGIF stopped only at the FIRST CUP. Sigh. Nakakabitin na partey!
Anyhow, the style parade continued...
I went for COFFEE MARINE and went for the classics: blazer, shirt & smart shorts.
I won't ever be the HONOLULU-FLORA-LAIDEN kind of summer guy,
so I ditched the flowers and sunset colors.

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Eden in my echelon-long suggested THRIFTED FLORAL DRESS
that she finally took time (and went for broke) to purchase.

This floral dress I saw almost three months ago at the same store.
No one ever, ever "found" to buy it.
Went to show that this was DESTINED for Eden.
AND maybe nobody understood the dress's wonders!

After it rained at the "summer party", I was stomach-driven yet again and led the pack
to GILIGAN'S where i was looking for some TERIYAKI fix!
And thank God, they had it in platter-size

Friends from college
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phang = eat/much/devour

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Pre-Bday boy Brylle Q. muching on those
Pinoy-favored treat of spaghetti and buttered bread

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double-breasted blazer: ONESIMUS
white shirt: HANES
mocha V-neck sweater: BOSSINI
white smart shorts: YVES, Identify.
gold anchor chains: DIY-ed
black derbies: WADE
discreetly full stomach: GILIGAN's


  1. oh oh oh! you are so chic, gwapitong chica! i love the blazer and your white shorts.

    and eden is looking so the garden? hihihihii.

    fun night!

  2. yves,just one word: AWESOME!!
    you look great, perfect style
    i'm totally in love with your blog
    i'll be back for sure :)

    sorry for my english, i'm french
    see you


  3. >Denise
    gastronomically fun denise! hehe
    yeah. eden's literally wearing her name up hsi sleeve!

  4. >imane
    Je suis profondément touché!
    vous êtes une brave fille de style

    beaucoup d'amour!

  5. Whoa you are incredibly good looking. And that outfit makes you look like a wealthy businessman on vacation. Hehe. Love it. ;)
    And I'm totally freaking out over your friend Eden's whole outfit. The dress is gorgeous, the sparkly blue bracelet is FAB and those sandals make me want to faint!! In fact, I love the shoes the best.

    PS. Now I'm hungry from seeing that pasta.

  6. I love your look. You are so chic.

    Thank you for your visit my blog. Ofcourse, you can use my photos. And, could you please say it from my blog? Thanks


  7. love your blog!

  8. Hi and thanks so much for leaving your sweet comment!

    You have an amazing blog and it´s so great to see your style and look!
    Eden´s flower dress is simply gorgeous!!!
    Happy sunny & relaxing day!!!

  9. all my favorite colors are on your outfit!!=) love it! Hey your blue shot in Eden's last post is so cool!=)


  10. >Teenage Dirtbag:
    thanks ariel!

  11. >Jennifer:
    Owhhh! That was a mouthful of WONDERFULS you said jenn! Love lots....

    I had teriyaki that night. Much more delicious!

  12. Looking so stylish. Love the blazer with the smart shorts.. that's a great combo. And nice job with the DIY chains! I wanted to find out where you bought them and then to my surprise, you made them!!

    xo, Becs

  13. You look so tres chic, adore this look on u! Thanks for dropping by! Have a nice weekend! :)

  14. great outfit!
    i especially love the anchor pin/chain; accessories can work wonders for an outfit!



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