How To Survive MYOH @ 5

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My last encounter with Havaianas was when I made accessories for their segment made out of the flip-flops themselves at the Summer Soiree fashion show at the Ayala Terraces last April, and using a Havaianas loot bag to RCTV's ScreenTest island hoppng trip last June.

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And now, I will welcome a new pair (yes every new pair is big deal for me since I only buy discrimantingly up to twice, every 'season'); the MYOH comes to us within 24 hours!

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(image from Kristine Roa via Facebook)
It’s Make Your Own Havaianas time!

MYOH veterans have all the moves when it comes to the biggest flip flop event of the year, so for first-timers, here are some tips to make your Make Your Own Havaianas more incredible:

How To Survive MYOH @5

1. BE PREPARED. Prep ahead with chic and colourful customization ideas at Since it’s the 5th anniversary, there will be more options for pins, soles and straps. This includes a Philippine-designed Commemorative Sole– the first ever printed sole to be sold at Make Your Own Havaianas.Online, you can save time and pretty much get a good idea of what you want before getting in line at the event.

2. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MYOH EXPERIENCE. Make sure you have a filling breakfast. Hunger pangs will distract you from your goal. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes; better yet, wear your Havaianas! Start your day early. You’ll have your choice of pins. Bring a friend to help you decide, take great photos of you enjoying the event, and one that will serve as the voice of reason and style, pep squad and cheerleader rolled into one when the waiting—and choosing!—start to get to you. Have a pen ready so that you can quickly fill up your MYOH information sheet to customize your Havaianas.

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A MYOH attendant holing a pair of neon lime green flip-flops. (How come I snobbed this electrifying lime green last year??!)

3. KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE WON. The best entrance to pass: SM Northwing by the side of Cabalen and Starbucks. When the doors open, don’t be shy; walk fast towards the line. It will be by the same side as Charles and Keith. Know where the ATMs are: You might need more cash. BPI is by National Bookstore while BDO is right beside Cabalen Restaurant.

4. DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. Make up your mind. Sounds easy. But with so many styles waiting to be unleashed sometimes the human mind can only take so much. You may buckle under the weight of style on your shoulders. You are not alone. Take a short break to get perspective and don’t forget to breathe—the perfect flip flop will soon emerge. Make sure you like your pair before it’s assembled: Once holed, considered sold policy applies.

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The lines that divide. Make Your Own Havaianas 2009 at the SM Northwing Atrium

5. KNOW YOUR LINES. Havaianas has thoughtfully provided various lines for Havaianaticos: a dedicated line for those assembling a single pair only, and a separate dedicated line for those making more than one pair. Payment is also made easier with dedicated lines for cash purchases and for those using credit cards.

It’s the 5th year landmark anniversary. Expect Havaianas to make this fashion event bigger, better and brighter than ever, so make your own Havaianas masterpiece at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2010, SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium from July 30 to August 2.

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My pair last year consisted of a SKYBLUE Sole and a RED Top, decked with vintage boombox pins and Swarovski crystals at the inward tops. This year? I'm thinking of a pair inspired by Santorini or Sicily (at least I see these islands in my soles).

Major thank you's to the lovely ladies behind the occasion: Big Seed Media tandem Jaja Rama and April Rama, and A.L. Amizade's Leanne Florendo and Aimil Sarmiento!

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