Moseying in San Remegio: Night

This trip was our question of time for over 3 months! On the brink of a dry and sunny July Sunday, my unprompted mind swiftly told Chassy to take an outside-town trip REALITY, since we don't plan. We do. We decided to stay overnight at Hilton Resorts & Spa. Sunset: upon arriving sunset-time we ate sandwiches, and a hunger for new sights pushed us to a consensus to travel North (just when we were about to check-in) and make good of our long-awaited San Remegio Beach Club trip!

We detoured.
Although it would've been nice to spend this weekend with my gbff, this shouldn't be LIKE a getaway date! Lol. Klint Ferre declined us, but Eden was to trail with Thaad. Scanning my phonebook of almost previously-close friends, I came first upon AOI to hop in the trip, since she has been MIA for sooo long and this would be a MUCH-NEEEDED reward after taking the Nursing board exams. And thank heavens! She agreed to and immediately swore in 25 minutes before she'll meet us at the bus terminal.

Four hours were ahead of us on our outlyyyying bus trip. Amidst humid weather and an hour of sing-along to local radio playing a retrospective of 90s BOY BAND HITS (N SYNC, 911, A1, grand daddy Backstreet Boys), we had an albatross around our necks as we, most especially Chassy, didn't know where San Remegio Beach Club specifically was!

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The Man upstairs introduced us to Ate Bevs when we were rattling in the bus about our future directions.
Ate Bevs is the teeth-baring lady in pink who remarked "mura mn sad na'g kidlat dong uy!" ("That's like lightning!") referring to my camera flash. Ah, the innocent humor of the locals just is a smile-widener. Since our spur-of-the-moment budget was really tight, we bought a whole roasted chicken for late dinner and some assorted bread at the drop-off district.

An hour plus of JUST feeling semi-rocky roads that seem endless and a tricycle ride that was sofa king tideous, we arrived at last. By the numbers: San Remegio Beach Club is 4hrs bus trip+45min-1hr tricycle ride+1min of taking a breather upon arrival. This trip definitely needs the patience of Job.

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Guess what welcomed us upon our arrival? An ice-cold bottle of Arbor Mist tropical-fruits flavored Chardonnay courtesy of Mark Ynoc, owner of San Remegio Beach Club. Totally "scintillating" to accompany us during our arrival night.
We were at dead-level best to have fun that night!

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Loosen up: Off to the pool where we played Charades. Chaz was game master. Categories like TV series, Film titles and the most difficult, superheroes were guessed by Me&Aoi and Eden&Thaad.

LMFAO moments included Aoi pointing to Eden trying to explain "COUGAR TOWN", myself acting out "brother" with Thaad for "BAND OF BROTHERS", all of us realizing the vague words of proverbs and sayings, Eden acting "desperate" in "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES" (looking woebegone instead),
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(shot from Eden)
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Aoi Belting Celine Dion’s I LOVE YOU and waking up the asleep souls of the vicinity.Image Hosted by
(snapshots from Eden)

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Tempura chips, Korean & Pinoy noodles, and Spring yellow Oreo cookies consisted our midnight ration.

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***The day-after edition to follow shortly
Songs in my mind:
Foo Fighters “Wheels” / K’Naan “Wavin’ Flag
Danny Gokey “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” /The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight, Tonight” / Muse “Neutron Star Collision
Nickelback “If Today Was Your Last Day” / Mike Posner feat. Big Sean “Cooler Than Me
Elllie Goulding “Starry Eyed” / Sugababes “Shape
Laura Izibor “From My Heart To Yours

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