Yves Identify Pre-Holiday 2012: TRICKSKATER

"...It can be pretty tough deciding which clothes will look chic while keeping one’s self warmed up for the chilly weather. Finding ways to stay dry without giving up style can be tricky. But this should not be that huge a problem with some fashion tips to make the raindrops seem like lemon drops and gum drops.
Rainy days already come with a certain depressing feeling.How much worse can things get if one wears something depressing as well? Opting for the bright, colored outfits will definitely turn a gloomy day into a glowing one. Just have in hand the basic protective gear like umbrella or raincoat.
Designer Yves Camingue has some fabulous ideas to reign supreme even through the rain. He calls this rainy day collection, “Trickskater.”
If the name seems a bit puzzling, knowing where Yves drew his inspiration from could help clear things out. Unusual as it may sound, but Yves’ muses were appliances, skateboarding, sportswear, Dubstep, songs of Skrillex and Eva Simons. It is evident that the “trick” was coming up with a fashion idea from a fashionably irrelevant item.
Trickskater is an assortment of clothes that mostly exhibit a concept of duality. To explain that, items like leather jackets are double breasted to ensure maximum protection from the cold while the lower garments are purposefully “garterized” to exude that sportswear impression. He employed materials such as leather, nylon, wool and metallic jersey and knits..."

"Reign Through The Rain"
Cherry Claire Petiluna
Thursday, July 5, 2012


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Clothes and caps from:
Yves Identify

Shot by 
Cris Gella

Maquillage & Grooming: 
Joshua Bacolod

Mky Dy
Darylle (blue leather jacket) and 
Dan (skyblue sweater) (from Stacy's Exclusives)
and Geo Aznar 

Shoes and bag 

Available at Ayala Center Cebu and Active Zone

Shot on location at Plaza Independencia

Email yvesmc@gmail.com for inquiries and what-have-yous



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