2009 Men's Trend: EASY LAYERING

LAYERING doesn't come easy in prevalently hot CEBU.

We more than often have to let regular rain or them Lady typhoons come in for us
to have the CHANCE to pile on for that "winter look" (shirt+jacket+cowled scarf. familiar?).

You have the chance ALL YEAR ROUND, fyi.
Easy does it.
An arrow in the quiver is in the BREATHABILITY of material;
the thinness of the pieces themselves.

BREATHABLE materials like basic cotton, gauze, finer mesh, and even thin brushed twill
(ideal fro evenings) are big role players for un-boring CHIC summer looks.

So, go on, Be a real trooper for summer's easy pile-on pieces!
Your armor? A button-down shirt,
henley shirt (a colarless pullover shirt having 2-5 buttons below the neckline; think farmer basic top)
and V- or crew-neck sweaters or cardigans.
Don't be bull-headed though, try on more more color and prints!
HENLEY shirt

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By yvesmartini

Inspired by Burberry Prorsum SS09

key styling:


2. topped off with a sloppy PANAMA hat, or more available a BUCKET/FISHERMAN hat

3. strict BROGUES

*It's such an eyebrow meeter when people associare BUCKET hats with CANCER/CHEMO patients! But hey, what do they care, the simple chic of the 90s is truly back. Bucket hats were soo gradeschool-weekend for me back then. I'm bringing them back those days.


Plum weekend

Inspired by Missoni SS09

key styling:

1. printed/FLORAL button-down in bright cool hues

2. KNITTED cardigans

3. Mocassin, suede LOAFERS

*pick prints that are not TOO expected of a flower colors scheme, like red, orange or yellow. Bring on the major hue of that print and match with a cardigan of the same hue

*the subdued khaki is such a refreshing contrast to the prints and the sharp turqoise

Pre-beach casual

Fellow LOOKBOOKers around the world

Daniel from London

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By yvesmartini

Gabriel J. from Santiago

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By yvesmartini

Thomas K. from Cologne
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By yvesmartini

Diego D. from "Saturn"

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By yvesmartini

Sam H. from Ipswich
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By yvesmartini

Yvesmc at Creative Cebu
wearing an extended HENLEY shirt under a low V-neck cardigan

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By yvesmartini


  1. mare, where'd you get the picks?! ka imal ana nila oi. nga avas!

  2. anahz!
    from my fellow LOOKBOOKers. hundreds more nga imal.
    eyes on the blackb! ^.^

  3. Hello Yves!
    What a pleasure to meet you! You are so amazing, I love your unique and cool style. So, I am so happy to add you at my list link!

    About layering, I really know what you mean. I also live in a very hot city...so I really enjoy when the weather is a little bit cold...

    Thanks so much for adding me at your list! (I think my link is not right....would you please check it out?)

    Kisses and hugs,
    see you!

  4. Hi Kira!
    So nice to hear from you. I appreciate your addition of my blogsite. Thnks much!

    Gosh. I've only realized the error! im real SORRY for that. Please do state the correct URL site ( i couldn't even open your site).

    +much love+



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