Channeling: Candy Captain + New shoe phase

I'm still hooked to my BLAZER drug.

And stepping on to my next shoe phase-

Since my bigotry to height-shortening dark footwear AND most importantly DRESS SHOES have been officially halted, my brave beau geste was to buy this pair of what I call "baby Derbies".

A Derby shoe is a style of leather shoe with open lacing. The tongue of the shoe is made with the same piece of leather as the vamp, and the facings with the lacing holes meet together over the tongue, and are not stitched to the tongue at the bottom.

Derby shoes

"Baby Derbies" since they're akin to DERBY shoes (no brogeuing or toe punching patterns and open-laced), but not as formal-looking as it is. WADE had this versatile, more street-friendly version. It was a no-brainer grabbing it!

DARK shoes aren't bad at all. Except for being wholesome & casual, it antes up a look to smart-casual or casual-formal standing.

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See how dark shoes make an outfit look "mature" or senescent? POWER: Donned my custom-made blue blazer (patterned after my mom's work jacket) / POPPER: My pink-striped shirt to still be "youthful".

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blue blazer: custom YVES, Identify.
pink-striped shirt: ISIS
yellow belt: METRO AYALA, Cebu
denim jeans: LEVI'S
pointed black "baby" Derbies: WADE


At DINO LLOREN’s 2009 Resort Collection show at THE PENTHOUSE

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  1. loving the cool vibe of the whole look.
    hoooray for the sunshine belt! love love it!

  2. I always love all of your outfits! This one is so nautical; amazing!


  3. hahahaha yves, it was lovely seeing u! mwuah...... i think he doesnt exist in facebook though... kaw hab.... harvat gyud kay ka! hahahaha

    much love
    A xxxxxxx

    im loving your blazer very mucho

  4. LOVE THE SHOES! ^_^

  5. >SYDNIE: i'll be posting more upcoming nautical looks, do watch out for these

  6. You look so cute! Love the dark shoes with the outfit.



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