2009 Women's Trend: JUMPSUITS

JUMP in to a new kind of swellness and swagger!

This season, fabulous ONESIES come to you like a band of workers stampeding for lunchtime.
They haven't been more noticed and CHICER!

In the pre-war era (before 1950s) JUMPSUITS were primarily male worker uniforms;
mostly AVIATORS & SKYDIVERS, but gradually worn by plumbers, junkyard men, mechanics, military crews alike. Post-war, women slipped onto these utilitairian wonders until these have been stylized and made fashion biggies via Elvis Presley, Charlie's Angels, disco babes in Soul Train and et al.

The 2009 JUMPSUIT is free-wheeling and sashay-worthy,

carefree, sans the neoprene uncomfortability of course.

DAY LOOK // Urban Ethnic

Grey jumpsuit + Ethnic browns

Urban ethnic jumpsuit look

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

NIGHT LOOK // Dark Sleek

BLACK jumpsuit + KHAKI/NUDE accessories

Jumpsuit for Night

Of course, these jumpsuits won't lose a flash ever being SHEENY, the least be non-matte or subduedly shiny.

DKNY offered a future classic, really uniform-inspired piece made understatedly CHIC by choosing MAUVE. Dell'Acqua's was the most ELEGANT kind in black, and Chloe's Hannah McGibbon paraded OLIVE for the non-faint-hearted and all-girly.


Channeling Bananarama // TOPSHOP UNIQUE does it very effortlessly

Draw out the big guns! // ETRO's travel-ready piece

Innerwear as outerwear? Why not // CHARLES ANASTASE reaffirms

EDEN Villarba (chicinthetropics.blogspot.com) flaunted this waist-gartered grey jumpsuit

(at Hed Kandi's pre-Sinulog '09 party) from YVES, Identify.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

runway images from: STYLE.COM


  1. Love the night jumpsuits!! very bianca jagger.. thanks for your comment!! Loved how you described it as high end harajuku chic..=P I'll be linking you..=)

  2. polyvore at its best! absolutely stunning picks. i love the rich colors in the first one.

  3. Hello! I don't think you can remember me but I've recently just revamped my blog--or well, it's still slightly on hiatus mode as I'm learning the ropes and all.

    So I dropped by to say Hi, kabayan--I'm more than glad whenever I encounter a Cebuano/Cebuana Fashion blogger--solidifies my theory that Cebu is a powerhouse for Fashion.

    And in regards to this post, I love, love, love jumpsuit--but I think, it would be hard to pull off with my body type.

    By the way, I've added you on my blog roll. Hope to read more posts from you and well, if I drop by Cebu soon (Late May to Early June), I hope you and Eden will show me the things I've been missing in that wonderful, modest city.

  4. yves! im starting to get addicted with your blogspot mania! :D fashionaholic... xxx

    hope u dont mind added u in my blogroll


  5. i've been crushing on that etro for a while now. next to stella's latest collection that is haha:D the thing i hate about jumpsuits though is having to take the whole thing off when you badly need to visit the loo. the perils of style... the case of the jumpsuit and the loo is like that of the shoe with a terribly high arch. as most stylish women would say "who cares? it's not as comfortable as i would like it to be, but at least i look good" haha:D

  6. tHEY ARE SO chic indeed!!

    Great selection!!

    Kisses and hugs,

  7. @ angel: sure i wudn't mind dear

  8. @ frou flu:
    i agree, WHO CARES?! it's just three minutes of fashion-sacrifice. Once you're done, it's hours back to glory! lol

    thanks! much love

  9. i love those picks! i have 2 jumpsuits (a fitted black with gold buckles and a shiny white one) that i haven't worn yet! im excited to use them since my beach days are over haha! real outfit posts soon!

    and oh i love your blazer, with those fitted pants, a simple top and shoes. :)



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