Channeling: Docker Nautical 1

I was in a fog.

Rain for summer. Such a humdrum!

And so my BEANIE CAP wearing compulsion continues.

ALWAYS BEEN associated with mobs, gangsters, the local kawatans & stoners, beanie caps have been ignored by many for its function. It really is a head warmer. Though makes one look like a ship stevedore or cargador (if you may).

Devil may care, I decided to go street cheap VS. nautical chic.

I already decided to wear my LIZ CLAIBORNE shirtdress - cropped to my masculine figure of course - and my loafers. It was ingress for my Ayala Center Cebu exhibit, so I needed some comfort & authoritative-ish piece. White shorts still? Mud-magnets-to-be that night.

My grey brushed wool shorts came to rescue to be cold-weather conducive, at the same time, be summer by being...SHORTS. My beanie capped off my fall-in-summer look.
Just A HINT of the weather through accessories.

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My best-ever striped button-downs!

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grey beanie: METRO AYALA

white-skyblue striped (cropped) shirtdress: LIZ CLAIBORNE

grey brushed wool shorts: YVES, Identify.

buckled loafers: RUSTY LOPEZ

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  1. that rusty lopez loafers is a great find!! Yey for cheap thrills..=)


  2. hooray! lol

    yep Mads, twas really literaaly a great FIND. Since the malls ddnt have much lovely (AND affordable)loafers.

    Those pair is a staple of mine ;)

    +much love+

  3. i <3 the beanie.

    you should try i can send you an invite, if you would like one.

  4. hi tifaish! Or Sam!

    I'm already in
    U can actually see my lookbook bagde 3rd upper left in this page. I'm addicted!

    wats ur usrname there?



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