Channeling: Beach Hooligan

The island was too much of a TROPICAL (of course) setting, thus I went the other route by being not to "BEACH".

I wanted to be a hooligan.

HOOLIGANS are noisy, rowdy members of a gangster group.

scenes from the 2005 film, HOOLIGANS

black beanie with Syntax logo

What better way to channel that look? My new summer headgear obsession: the BEANIE CAP.

Unusual it is really to be one summer head cover, but the way it sits at the backhead looks relaxed and laidback; gives that I-just-got-out-of-bed soigne vibe.

Sans the NOISE of a hooligan, I pulled out my fall staple last season, my TAUPE deep V-neck sweater, to be a streetwise 'gangster'. Then my turqoise trunks I bought for a steal at the island's public boutique - a MID-THIGH wonder great for swimming and then after.

Image Hosted by

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beanie cap: METRO AYALA
deep V-neck sweater: BOSSINI
sling bag: AOLISI

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Special thanks to: MARYANNE BENEDICTO for these wonderful photos of me


  1. I love your style, period.

    You must be the best-dressed man ever.

    La C.

  2. Honestly, every single outfit you wear is amazing. I love your style! PS: Thanks so much for the nice comment you left on my blog!


  3. oh La C.!
    that's so touching, (though it might be slighly impossible)

    +much love+

  4. Ohhh, thanks sydnie!
    well appreciated...livin' fashion everyday

    Really lookin forward to more posts from you

    +much love+

  5. hi there Yves! thanks for the compliments in my blog! i'm glad you liked my outfit posts and beach posts. i'm a huge fan of the sea, sand and sky, hehe. by the way, i'll email you the infos about Zambales Islands, the islands there are so dreamy! i know you will love that place.

    and oh i really liked the beanie cap plus sweater combo there and shorts. you look fresh and chic in this look, Yves! :)

  6. apreciate it ;)

    Just by the photos of the swamp/lake/beach make me want to fly there, NOW! hehe

    Oh pls. do Noelle,
    Real thanks in advance

    +much love+



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